National Cheese Lovers Day

You're Nacho Self When You're Hungry

Cheese Dipper burger

Why don't we just cut to the cheese?

National Cheese Lovers Day takes place on the 20th of January each year and is a WHOLE day dedicated to celebrating all things cheesy! Not that we need an excuse… after all, cheese is for any occasion, not just for today.     

To vegan and beyond burger


Why do we love cheese so much at TGI Fridays?

One of the greatest things about cheese is its versatility and ability to be enjoyed in a multitude of ways. Whether it’s served as a side dish, main dish, dessert dish, or simply as the only dish 😉. There’s no set way to indulge!

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy cheese as a side dish at TGI Fridays, why not try our mozzarella dippers? The perfect-sized pieces of mozzarella cheese covered in fried breadcrumb. The crisp texture and melty interior are bound to leave you wanting more. Still not satisfied? Why not try our Mac and Cheese bites or Cheese Nachos – absolute cult favourites here at TGI Fridays.   
Go on, you know you want to! 🤤


Mozzarella Dippers



Looking for the perfect main cheese dish?

Try our delectable Ultimate Cheese Dipper burger. We’re talking DOUBLE stacked beef patties loaded with that all important cheese, lettuce, mayo, tomato, pickled red onions, crispy bacon AND THEN topped with our crispy mozzarella dippers. All served up in our famous TGI Fridays® burger bun. NOW THAT, that’s what we call a main dishPsssssst, it’s even part of our 2 courses from £20 deal!


Alternatively, opt for our Classic American Cheeseburger for that classic all-American cheesy goodness.


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Big Dipper Burger


End the meal on a sweet note

Why not order the TGI Fridays® Honeycomb Cheesecake to finish off the cheese experience? Served with whipped cream, chocolate and caramel sauces - available to share, or all to yourself 🤪


Honeycomb Cheesecake


Satisfy your cheese cravings no matter which day of the week.

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National Cocktail Day

Cocktails are not the answer. Cocktails are the question. Yes is the answer.

Wagyu Burger


So rich, it needs a prenup...

Barman making cocktail

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Bring on the bartenders!

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