National Cocktail Day

Cocktails at TGI Fridays

Cocktails are not the answer. Cocktails are the Question. Yes is the answer.

National Cocktail Day takes place on the 24th of March each year and is a WHOLE day dedicated to celebrating cocktail beverages of all shapes and sizes. As a restaurant and bar known for our creative and iconic cocktails, we pride ourselves on our long history behind the bar – since 1965 to be exact! So ya-know, it’s kind of our thing 😉.  


Cocktails at TGI Fridays


FUN FACT: We even trained Tom Cruise for his role in the film Cocktail! 

For those who may be unfamiliar with us at TGI Fridays (It’s okay, it hurts only a little bit… 😢), we’re known for our impressive array of tongue tingling handcrafted cocktails. From our signature Long Island Iced Tea to our classic Tequila Sunrise, our bartenders put their heart and soul into each drink they create to ensure that only the very best is served to our guests! Plus, our bartenders are always experimenting with new flavours and techniques, and we’re constantly updating our menu to reflect!

Why not try...

National Cocktail Day gives us the perfect opportunity to point you in the direction of a cocktail you have yet to feast your eyes and taste buds on. For instance, why not give our Pink Punk Cosmo a whirl? With a mix of Stoli Citros Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry, lime, and finished off with the all-important candy floss!  
Truly ✨delicious✨


Cocktails at TGI Fridays

Don’t forget our ICONIC flair!

At TGI Fridays, our bartenders truly bring the wow factor when it comes to entertaining our guests. Our stores are filled with talented individuals who are not only experts of delicious cocktails, but also putting on a show!  Watch our bartenders flair in action from a table, booth, or at our famous bar.  

Barman making cocktail

Cocktail Masterclass

Why not test your own skills and get your hands dirty with our cocktail masterclass? Book our TGI Fridays Cocktail Masterclasses where you can learn to create your very own cocktails.  
We’re talking ALL the mixing, ALL the pouring, and ALL the drinking🤪!  
By the end of it, you will be a fully-fledged TGI Fridays cocktail master.  
In here, it’s cocktail o’clock all day every day!

Strawberry Daiquiri made by barman

More than just 'drinks'

At TGI Fridays, we believe that cocktails are more than just ‘drinks’. They’re a great way to catch up with friends and family, celebrate a special occasion, or simply just because. So, whether you’re a TGI Fridays regular or a first-time visitor – we’ll meet you at the bar for a drink or two 🍹.  
Oh, didn't we mention? It's 2-4-1 all day, every day!  


2-4-1 mojitos

What are you waiting for? Book a table and head to your nearest TGI Fridays!  
Find your nearest here.  


Purple rain cocktail

Purple Rain

I only wanted to see you laughing in the…

Midwest Martini Cocktail

Midwest Martini

A pink fluffy glass of pure raspberry indulgence

Two Espresso Martinis


Worth a shot

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