Our Story


The first Fridays opened on the corner of 63rd+1st in New York, 1965 with the timeless promise ‘In here, it’s always Friday’. Inspired by the Barnum & Bailey Circus and with an ambition to put on the ‘greatest show on earth’ a red & white striped phenomenon was born. With flowing cocktails and charismatic bartenders, it quickly became the meeting place for local lovers of wild nights & fun times. Within a week it was the first restaurant requiring barricades to handle the hordes of enthusiastic guests! It became the meeting place that served not just hot food and drink but legendary atmosphere too!

1965 TGI Fridays Store

That TGI Fridays Feeling!

Our teams are looking forward to welcoming you to our restaurants where you can socialise, have fun & make memories. Whether you’re out for a date, girls night or a family dinner, TGI Fridays will bring you that Fridays Feeling, no matter what day of the week or time of day.

Our team

Cocktail Flair

We’ve got long history behind the bar, TGI Fridays bartenders even trained Tom Cruise for his role in the film ‘Cocktail’! Made with premium spirits, our cocktails are handcrafted by our expert bartenders who can recommend the perfect serve just for you, including the icons like the classic Long Island Iced Tea, which was born at TGI Fridays. We also have a great range of mocktails for a refreshing alternative.

Barman making cocktail
cocktail masterclass
cocktail masterclass


Download our Rewards app for all these great benefits and more:

  • New members get a free dessert on your first visit.
  • Earn stripes with every visit.
  • Spend your stripes on your Fridays favourites, or try something new.
  • Two birthday treats a year!
  • Earn stripes when you refer a friend.
  • Plus many more exclusive offers throughout the year.

Restaurant icons explained

Ever wondered what some of our iconic restaurant features mean?


The propeller is mounted above the bar in every TGI Fridays restaurant. It is said that the bar was the start-up of the TGI Fridays® engine. It was what made us famous and propelled us to success. On opening day any visiting VIPs sign a dollar bill and tape it to the propeller as a symbol of good luck. 


Many years ago, there were two Ivy League schools on the East Coast of the USA that both had rowing teams. Legend says that Myrna coached the losing team to a series of victories. She was an inspirational leader, who coached with passion & instilled a belief in her team that they were winners & together they created a legacy of success. On the championship race day, Myrna disappeared & only her saddle shoes were found in the boat. Today, each TGI Fridays restaurant has a rowing scull that contains a pair of shoes & champagne bottle to remind us of the value of teamwork, leadership & celebrating success.

Rowing scull boat with oars attached to TGI Fridays wall
Propeller at TGI Fridays restaurant

A Peacock Welcome

Our ‘family pride’ dates back to 1965 New York. We still share the belief that the experience we offer and the service we provide is the best there is. Present in every TGI Fridays, the peacock symbolises pride in our brand and is a reminder to our teams to put the best of TGI Fridays on ‘show’. From our classic red & white stripes to our traditional memorabilia, TGI Fridays is an authentic and unique place to share fun, enjoyment and great times together.

Peacock in glass window at TGIs