Purple Rain

I only wanted to see you laughing in the…

Purple rain cocktail

🎝...Purple Rain, Purple Rain...🎜

Purple rain cocktail


It’s no secret that our bartenders at TGI Fridays are experts when it comes to preparing and delivering you that all-in-one cocktail experience. 
Our delicious Purple Rain is the perfect blend of both sweet and sour flavours. Made with Dead Man's Fingers White Rum, JJ Whitley Artisanal Vodka, berry liqueur, blue curaçao, grenadine, and then finished off with a touch of lemon. A truly refreshing and tasty concoction no matter what the occasion🤤! 

Oh go on, mix it up😉🍸 

If you are already enjoying our Purple Rain, why not try our classic Long Island Iced Tea, or Espresso Martini? ✨Delicious✨ 
At TGI Fridays, you can enjoy the Purple Rain as part of our extensive cocktail menu which is 2-4-1 all day, every day! Even including our ultimate sized drinks 😉 So, whether you’re on a night out with friends or just looking for that midweek treat - our lively atmosphere and super tasty cocktails are sure to hit the spot.


2 for 1 cocktail deal


Cocktail Masterclass 

Book in for our TGI Fridays Cocktail Masterclasses where you can learn to create your very own cocktails. We’re talking ALL the mixing, ALL the pouring, and ALL the drinking🤪! By the end of it, you will be a fully-fledged TGI Fridays cocktail master. In here, it’s cocktail o’clock all day every day!

Barman making cocktail

What are you waiting for? Book a table and head to your nearest TGI Fridays and order yourself that well deserved Purple Rain – you won’t be disappointed! 
Find your nearest here.



National Cocktail Day

Cocktails are not the answer. Cocktails are the question. Yes is the answer.

Two Espresso Martinis

Espresso Martini

Worth a shot

2-4-1 mojitos


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