National Bartenders Day

cocktail masterclass

Bring on the Bartenders!

Friday 24th February is a day we celebrate our ✨bartenders✨ and given our cocktail heritage and our excellent bar team, we felt it was only right for us to join in this celebration too! 
At TGI Fridays, we’re well known for our cocktails, but making those drinks and the flairing (that’s where our guys throw the bottles around) that goes with it, takes a lot of training and practise, which is why we are so proud of our bartenders.🍹
Need more proof of our expertise in this area? Check out these fun facts:

Did you know?

  • Our team actually trained Tom Cruise 😍 in his bar skills for his part in the film Cocktail!
  • We once hosted an event in London where 100 of our top bartenders across the UK got together to set a Flairing World Record.  
  • Our bartenders only use premium spirits in our cocktails, brands you know and love.🤤 
  • We now offer our fantastic range of cocktails as 2-4-1*! That's right, you and a friend can both get a cocktail and only pay for 1... LOL, who are we kidding? You can get 2 each😝. 
  • The iconic classic Long Island Iced Tea was born at TGI Fridays by our very own bartenders? 

So if you need advice on which drink from our New Cocktail Menu is right for you, our expert team will be happy to help.  Our team create unique, themed cocktails throughout the year which are only available for a limited time.  Did you try our festive cocktails for the Christmas 🎄 period? Or our Made With Love cocktails for Valentine's 💋?  Why not check us out next time there's a speciality range and give one a try? If we've put you in the mood for cocktails 🍸 (who really needs convincing?), then why not book a table now? Join us at the bar, get our bartenders to create your favourite and watch them in action.

Strawberry Daiquiri made by barman

Cocktail Masterclass

Book in for our TGI Fridays Cocktail Masterclasses where you can learn to create your very own cocktails.
We’re talking ALL the mixing, ALL the pouring, and ALL the drinking🤪!
By the end of it, you will be a fully-fledged TGI Fridays cocktail master. In here, it’s cocktail o’clock all day every day!


Purple rain cocktail


So, what are you waiting for? Book your table today!
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* Only available in our England & Wales stores. See here for more details.


Bubblegum Daiquiri cocktail

Bubblegum Daiquiri

Don't chew wish your cocktails, popped like this?


National Cocktail Day

Cocktails are not the answer. Cocktails are the question. Yes is the answer.

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