You either love corndogs OR you’re just not hungry🌭

When it comes to appetizers, look no further! At TGI Fridays we REALLY know a thing or two about them, especially Corndogs - a truly classic, American treat beloved by all.



What exactly is a corndog?🤔

Think hotdog on a stick – BUT elevated

Our Beechwood smoked hotdogs, covered in a delicious batter and deep-fried until perfectly crispy and golden brown🤤.

Drizzled with mustard and ketchup, the DREAM sauce combo, then finished off with a serving of cheesy dip.

How dreamy



At TGI Fridays, our corndogs really are special. From the attention to detail that goes into every step of our process, to the quality of our ingredients and precise cooking time. We’ve perfected it to ensure that only the very best flavour and texture is plated and served to you!



Why not pair it with…

…Our Purple Rain cocktail! Now part of our 2 for 1 Cocktail deal😝. 

Bite into that delicious corndog whilst slurping down on a Purple Rain (or two!).

Purple rain cocktail


Find your nearest here.



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