Pancake stacks with different toppings


FOUR delicious toppings to choose from

We've stacked them in your favour!

Who doesn't love a pancake... or three? We have four NEW sweet and delicious toppings for you to indulge in.

FOUR great toppings to choose from

Oreo® Crunch - Dripping with chocolate sauce, a dollop of ice cream and topped with an Oreo® Crunch biscuit and accompanying Oreo® Crunch crumbs, this one is ideal for chocolate lovers.

Strawberry Delight - The elegant and classic stack. Sweet strawberries with purée and whipped cream. You can't go wrong with this one.

Maple Glaze - Sweet and savoury combine in this divine stack of maple bacon and maple syrup. 

Biscoff® Bliss - It's all in the name. Delicious Biscoff® pieces dribbled with more Biscoff® sauce covered with chocolate flake pieces and mini marshmallows. A gooey delight.

All pancakes available in 1 or 3 stacks. But lets be honest, who can limit themselves to 1 pancake?

Pancake stacks with different toppings

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