Our Story

At Fridays we’re famous for our pride, passion & personality

So along with mouth-watering food and tempting drinks, we bring fun, friendliness and an extra large helping of good vibes to the table. It's what makes every day seem like Friday.

How it all began back in 1965

What did New York need in the swinging 60s? A cocktail bar that delivered. And that’s exactly what we gave her when we opened the first ever T.G.Is in 1965. Located on the corner of 63rd Street and First Avenue, it quickly became the meeting place for local lovers of wild nights and fun times.

Experience our legendary flavours

From our signature loaded skins to our legendary Jack Daniels sauce, we take real American flavours and make them different. These undeniably tasty and original flavours are at the heart of everything we do, and our unique and extensive menu is exactly why you might call us the home of the daredevil.

It's time to celebrate where fun lives

What are Fridays all about? Celebration and fun, of course! And with our oh so tempting food, dreamy cocktails and infectious buzz, we’ve got all the ingredients for fun right here. Join us any day of the week and we guarantee that you will get the full Fridays experience!

Get a flair for over 500 cocktails

At Fridays, we’ve a long history behind the bar and a menu that spans over 500 cocktails. Even the timeless classic “Long Island Iced Tea” was born here. No wonder the good times just keep rolling at Fridays!

The Propeller

The propeller is mounted above the bar in every Fridays restaurant. It is said that the bar was the start-up of the Fridays® engine. It was what made us famous and propelled us to success. On opening day any visiting VIPs sign a dollar bill and tape it to the propeller as a symbol of good luck.

A Peacock Welcome

Our ‘family pride’ dates back to 1965 New York. We still share the belief that the experience we offer and the service we provide is the best there is. Present in every Fridaysthe peacock symbolises pride in our brand and is a reminder to our teams to put the best of Fridays on ‘show’. From our classic red & white stripes to our traditional memorabilia, Fridays is an authentic and unique place to share fun, enjoyment and great times together.

Myrna's Story

Many years ago, there were two Ivy League schools on the East Coast of the USA that both had rowing teams. Legend says that Myrna coached the losing team to a series of victories. She was an inspirational leader, who coached with passion & instilled a belief in her team that they were winners & together they created a legacy of success. On the championship race day, Myrna disappeared & only her saddle shoes were found in the boat. Today, each Fridays restaurant has a rowing scull that contains a pair of shoes & champagne bottle to remind us of the value of teamwork, leadership & celebrating success.