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With our bartenders recommendation of mixer to create a perfect serve!

Bombay Sapphire Gin  

Made with a unique combination of ten botanicals, served with lime and Schweppes Tonic

Beefeater London Pink Gin  

Smooth & intense London Pink Dry Gin, served with strawberry, mint and Schweppes Lemonade

Gordon's Premium Pink Distilled Gin  

Natural fruit flavours and a subtle touch of juniper served with strawberry, mint and Schweppes Lemonade

Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin  

Topped with fiery ginger beer and fresh lime

Verano Watermelon Gin  

Infused with Spanish watermelon, served with mint, raspberries and Schweppes Lemonade

Beefeater London Blood Orange Gin  

Bold & zesty, served with an orange slice and Schweppes Lemonade

Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin  

Bold & zesty, served with an orange slice and Schweppes Lemonade

Brooklyn Gin with Fresh Lime  

A small batch gin made in New York, with floral and citrus notes. Served with Fever-Tree Premium Tonic


Fantinel Prosecco Extra Dry – Italy. 11.5% ABV  

A floral bouquet with fresh apple & pear flavours


Made from classic Champagne grape varieties. Balanced apple fruit & vibrant acidity. The perfect introduction to English sparkling wine


The perfect marriage of clean ripe fruit and modern winemaking techniques. Red berry fruit & lively acidity, balanced with a touch of sweetness

Red Wine

Primitivo - Italy. 13.5% ABV  

Ripe blackberry and plum with a touch of vanilla

Merlot, Lavender Hill - USA. 13.5% ABV  

Soft and approachable with plum and cherry flavours

Malbec, Callia Lunaris - Argentina. 13.5% ABV  

Lush aromas of plum and cherry with a touch of warming spice

Cabernet Sauvignon, Santa Rita 120 - Chile. 13% ABV  

Ripe red and black fruit flavours, backed with notes of clove and vanilla


Zinfandel, Rugged Ridge - USA. 10.5% ABV  

Medium-sweet pink with watermelon and strawberry flavours

Pinot Grigio Rose, Belvino - Italy. 12% ABV  

Delicate pink, crisp with summer-fruit flavours

White Wine

Chenin Blanc - South Africa . 13% ABV  

Rich, fruity and refreshing

Chardonnay, Short Mile Bay - Australia. 12.5% ABV  

Citrus flavours with a crisp finish

Pinot Grigio, Vinuva - Italy. 12% ABV  

Light and refreshingly dry with ripe apple flavours

Sauvignon Blanc, Vidal, Marlborough - New Zealand. 13% ABV  

Vibrant gooseberry and passionfruit mingled with a crisp, grassy flavour


Ask your server for the draft beer range

Coors Light  

330ml 4.0% ABV


330ml / 660ml 4.5% ABV

Corona Extra  

330ml 4.5% ABV

Peroni Nastro Azzurro Gluten Free  

330ml 5.1% ABV

Budweiser Zero Alcohol Free  

330ml can 0% ABV


330ml 5.0% ABV

Goose Midway Session IPA  

330ml can 4.1% ABV


Angry Orchard Hard Cider  

500ml 5.0% ABV

Thatcher's Gold  

500ml 4.8% ABV

Rekorderlig Botanicals Rhubarb, Lemon & Mint  

330ml 4.0% ABV

Rekorderlig Wild Berries  

500ml 4.0% ABV

Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime  

500ml 4.0% ABV

Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime Alcohol free  

500ml 0% ABV

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Fresh as a cucumber  

Cucumber, elderflower, cranberry and lemon juice topped with soda and garnished with crisp cucumber. Cool as…

Strawberry Fields  

Strawberry purée with apple juice, elderflower cordial and vanilla syrup, topped with soda and crushed ice


Regular Shakes  

Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana, Chocolate Oreo® Cookie


Endless Refills  

Non-stop, free refills of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Diet Coke or Schweppes Lemonade

Endless Refills  

Coca-Cola Classic

Endless Refills  

Non-stop, free refills of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke or Schweppes Lemonade


Iconic glass contour bottle

Diet Coke  

Iconic glass contour bottle


Monster Energy


100% Apple juice with a touch of sparkle

Soda Folk  

American inspired Craft sodas. Choose from: Cream Soda or Root Beer

  • Add a scoop of vanilla flavoured ice cream to create a soda float  


Fruit Juices  

Ask your server for flavour options


Choose from:

  • Orange & Passionfruit  
  • Apple & Raspberry  
  • Apple & Watermelon Spritz  
Please inform your server of any allergies or intolerances before you order. Unfortunately, it is not possible to guarantee that any product is 100% free from any allergen due to the risk of cross contamination in our busy kitchens.