illy Coffee at Fridays

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Happ-illy serving you luxurious Italian coffee.

Take a break and join us for an illy coffee, start the night right with one of our espresso martinis or enjoy a coffee paired with one of our sweet treats. The perfect drink for any occasion!

We’re excited for our brand new partnership with illy coffee, launching a fantastic range of 12 NEW luxurious Italian coffees.

Illy: The Unique Blend 

A unique coffee blend of nine different types of Arabica, selected in the field by growers of illy’s best crops. A symphony that creates a unique flavour: a perfect balance between sour and bitter taste, a very broad aromatic profile, a prolonged aftertaste.

illy coffee is good for both you and the planet!

The pursuit of excellence is linked to the protection of the environment: to obtain a quality product, illy must first take care of Mother Nature. Thanks to the development of agronomic techniques with low environmental impact and the courses offered at illy’s University of Coffee, illy are committed to spreading a culture of respect for the ecosystem. Starting from the countries where coffee grows.

Here are some of the drinks available in our restaurants

The Classics illy coffee


Treat your tastebuds to a delicious unique blend of coffee. You’ll be spoilt for choice, from the classics - Espresso, Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, and Hot Chocolate, to the desirable range of hot specials including a Café Viennese, Cappuccino Viennese, Irish Coffee and Black Forest Hot Chocolate. 



Espresso yourself with one of our popular martinis. Choose from the classic vanilla, salted caramel, almond or chocolate orange. Guaranteed to bring you that Fridays Feeling any day of the week.

SWEET TREATS illy coffee


For the sweet tooth we’ve got the perfect companion for your illy coffee, indulge in our Chocolate Brownie or Honeycomb Cheesecake for that Fridays Feeling any day of the week.