The Wild Bunch characters

Help Us Name the wild bunch

Help name our new adventuring animal friends

Come up with a brilliant name for one or all of our 7 members of The Wild Bunch and be in with a chance of winning a £50 gift voucher to spend on a meal out with us. T&Cs

Meet the gang…

The Astronaut character

The Astronaut

She used to work for NASA but found it way too easy, so she mostly hangs out at the Kennedy Space Centre showing visitors how the shuttles work and chowing down on whole chickens in the canteen. 

The Hero character

The Superhero

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a… raccoon. Often portrayed as nature’s bad guys, this masked vigilante uses his powers for good instead of evil. Or he would if he had any. A talented climber with a taste for, well, anything, this hero can’t be trusted around leftovers.

The Diver character

The Diver

This guy enjoys a peaceful life. Often found exploring the world’s reefs, he’s recently been spotted working as part of a conservation team in the Florida Panhandle.

The Cabbie

The Cabbie

This is one bird who’s seen it all. An NYC resident, there is no subject – be it fashion, politics, or the state of the city’s sidewalks – that he is not an expert on. Just don’t forget to tip, buddy.

The Quarterback character

The Quarterback

This all-star athlete knows the importance of good old-fashioned teamwork. He’s played for nearly every top NFL team in this great nation, but is currently hanging out with the Baltimore Ravens.

The Rancher character

The Rancher

Well, howdy y’all! A rodeo champion and true Texan, this guy has a big heart and an even bigger appetite. A strict vegetarian, he’d cross any dusty plain to get his hooves on a plate of our new Plant-based Bites. 

The Rocker character

The Rockstar

Blessed with extra long claws that produce those signature guitar riffs that her fans love so much, this star has stormed every stage from LA’s SoFi Stadium to Madison Square Gardens. She has two loves in her life: making music and anything with a honey glaze.

The Wild Bunch characters

The Wild Bunch

Now you know a little more about The Wild Bunch tell us what names you think would suit their personalities by entering the competition below.

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