Better Chicken Commitment

Fridays cares about the health and welfare of animals and as one of the UK’s leading restaurant groups, we take our responsibility very seriously indeed.

That’s why we’ve signed up to the Better Chicken Commitment which sets out six ambitious goals that have been designed to improve the quality of life for chickens.

We will be working very hard towards delivering these goals by 2026 and whilst there is some way to go, we have already made great strides. In fact, we’ve been working tirelessly with our suppliers to ensure that animals in Fridays food supply chain are treated with high standards of responsible welfare, with all our meat, dairy and eggs being produced to independent farm assured standards.

As a minimum, we require all of our suppliers to ensure that their farmers and producers comply with all EU and UK animal welfare legislation, and they are independently audited to ensure that they are following the Five Freedoms principles developed by the Farm Animal Welfare Council, which are:

  • Freedom from hunger & thirst by ready access to fresh water & a diet to maintain full health & vigour
  • Freedom from discomfort by appropriate environment including shelter & comfortable resting area
    Freedom from pain, injury or disease by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour by providing sufficient space, proper facilities & company of the animal’s own kind
  • Freedom from fear & distress by ensuring conditions & care which avoid mental suffering

We know how much people in the UK love chicken, but we also recognise that people want their meat to come from animals that have been well cared for. So, we are working with industry partners and animal welfare experts to encourage the wider hospitality industry to join us in our quest to do better by improving the quality of life for chickens.

But it’s not just our feathered friends that are benefiting from our commitment to animal welfare. As part of our ongoing ambition to improve animal wellbeing and to serve quality food that is sustainably sourced, Fridays has also partnered with Quality Meat Scotland to provide grass fed Scotch beef that is quality assured in all of our restaurants.