Meet your Fridoids

At Friday's®, we like the good times to roll smoothly. Our team isn't just in high spirits and having fun, they're also at the top of their game. Big personalities and a willingness to go the extra mile means our team aim to make every visit to Friday's® is a memorable one.


Angelo - Dub Dub

Join our family...

At Friday's® we want our team to have as much fun as our guests do! We give our team the opportunity to grow within their roles, learn new skills with and even work at Friday's® restaurants all over the world.

To find out more about joining Friday's® check out Fridoids, our careers website.

Catch the Latest at Restaurant

World Record for Synchronised Cocktail Flairing

Check out the new Wembley team getting ready for the launch of their sexy new restaurant!

Taste Test

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