Even though Veganuary 2021 is over - there are lots of Vegan choices at Fridays you can enjoy all year round, here are some you can enjoy!

Vegan Burger

Get your hands around our delicious juicy Vegan Burger made from plant-based protein, beetroot & coconut oil. Served in a vegan bun & topped with guacamole with our Legendary Glaze & a side of vegan House Fries.


Garlic & Chilli Veg Fajitas

If you love the spice & want to try a vegan dish - the Garlic & Chilli Veg Fajitas are a must have!


Legendary Glaze

Yes that's right - our Legendary Glaze is 100% vegan!


Avocado Humous

Start your vegan feast at Fridays with our Avocado Humous appetizer. The crunch of our tortilla chips complements the fresh taste of avocado humous perfectly!

Like what you see? - there are even more Vegan dishes for you to enjoy!

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You can get our vegan dishes when you dine-in with us or you can get some of them to takeaway via our Click & Collect service.

Please check your local Fridays restaurant page to see what services are currently available.