Bubble Tea

It's Popping off

Just in time for summer, we're excited to launch our new drinks creation: make way for bubble teas! Available in a range of flavours, each sip is a burst of deliciousness with fun, chewy pearls. Come try our refreshing new drinks today!

Passion Fruit Mar’TEA’ni

Meet our Passion Fruit Mar’TEA’ni, a tantalizing blend that’s sure to become your new favorite. 

This delicious concoction features Stoli® Vanilla Vodka and Passoã, perfectly balanced with our signature passion fruit jasmine tea. A splash of lime adds a zesty twist, while lychee boba pearls bring a delightful, juicy surprise in every sip. 

Refreshing, exotic, and oh-so-irresistible, the Passion Fruit Mar’TEA’ni is a must-try!

Passion Fruit Mar’TEA’ni

Strawberry Mar’TEA’ni

Say hello to the Strawberry Mar’TEA’ni, the perfect drink for a summery day! 

We’ve mixed Stoli® Vodka with our tasty strawberry jasmine tea and rich strawberry purée. A splash of lime gives it a little zing, and the lychee boba pearls add a sweet, juicy pop in every sip. 

Refreshing and fun, the Strawberry Mar’TEA’ni is a delicious treat you won't want to miss!

Strawberry Daiqui’TEA’

Bubble Tea Mocktails also available

Passion Fruit Hurricane

Passion Fruit Hurricane

Experience the tropical zest of our non-alcoholic Passion Fruit Hurricane! Bursting with passion fruit jasmine tea, a splash of lemon and lime, tangy passion fruit, orange juice, and a hint of grenadine, it's topped off with lychee boba for a delightful twist.

Strawberry Daiqui’TEA’

Strawberry Daiqui’TEA’

Savour the sweetness of our non-alcoholic Strawberry Daiqui’TEA'! Featuring refreshing strawberry jasmine tea, a splash of lemon and lime, and the crispness of apple juice, it's topped with lychee bobas. Cool down with this fruity delight.

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