Famous At Fridays Food   Change

We’ve simplified our menu using quality ingredients, showcasing the return of pot stickers & our quality steaks which are hand-selected by our master butchers to ensure tender & flavoursome cuts.

Let’s get started!


Famous At Fridays Appetizers

Fridays® Sesame Chicken Strips  

Tossed in our Legendary Glaze made with Jack Daniel's®, topped with toasted sesame seeds and chilli flakes. A real Fridays® favourite

Mozzarella Dippers   Vegetarian

With a hot marinara sauce & basil aioli

Mac & Cheese with Lobster Sauce  

Creamy mac & cheese flavoured with lobster sauce. Topped with king prawns

Sizzling Nachos  

Crispy corn tortillas served sizzling with guacamole, pickled jalapeños, salsa, red chillies and drizzled with hot sauce

  • Cheese - Served with sour cream   Vegetarian
  • BBQ Bean   Vegan
Shell-on Garlic & Chilli King Prawns   Caution: Super Spicy

With dressed rocket and a chilli cream dip

Chicken Wings

A full on wingfest.

Salt & Pepper Dusted Wings   Famous

Tossed with peppers, spring onion and sliced chillies. With wasabi sour cream for dipping

  • To share  
Hot Wings   Caution: Super Spicy

Tossed in Franks® RedHot Sauce. With a bleu cheese dressing and celery sticks

  • To share  
63rd & 1st Wings  

Tossed in our Legendary Glaze, topped with toasted sesame seeds and chilli flakes

  • To share  

Flatbreads Great for Sharing

Oven baked and fully loaded. Choose your favourite topping.

Spicy Meat   Famous Caution: Super Spicy New

Monterey Jack cheese, pepperoni, chorizo, spicy sausage and pickled jalapeños

Chicken & Maple Bacon   New

Shredded chicken and candied maple bacon with béchamel sauce, pickled red onion and Monterey Jack cheese

Roasted Red Pepper & Garlic with Cheese   Vegetarian New

Black garlic, mozzarella and roasted red peppers. Available without cheese to make it vegan

Pot Stickers

Making a triumphant return to Fridays®.

Fridays® Loaded Potato Skins

Proper loaded skins, bigger and better than ever before.

Cheese & Maple Candied Bacon   Famous

Melted Colby cheese topped with candied maple bacon, sour cream and sliced spring onions

  • To share  
BBQ Bean   Vegan

Loaded with BBQ beans and BBQ sauce on the side

  • To share  
Simply Cheese   Vegetarian

Melted Colby cheese with sour cream and sliced spring onions

  • To share  



Roasted Beer 'N' Chicken   Famous

Red Tractor certified roast chicken in a Goose Island IPA marinade with seasonal greens and a loaded baked potato

Garlic Chicken  

Chargrilled chicken breasts marinated in garlic served with seasonal vegetables, corn on the cob brushed with chilli cream and your choice of garlic fries or loaded baked potato

Fridays® Sesame Chicken Strips  

Fridays® sesame chicken strips tossed in our Legendary Glaze made with Jack Daniel's®. Topped with toasted sesame seeds and chilli flakes, served with house fries


King Prawn Linguini   New

Linguini with king prawns in a chilli & garlic marinara sauce. Topped with fresh rocket

Teriyaki Salmon   New

On a bed of Asian style greens tossed in chilli & garlic. (Ɨ - dish may contain small bones)


Cobb Salad   Famous

A Fridays® classic returns! Bands of grilled chicken breast, candied maple bacon, chopped salad, tomato, avocado, olives, crumbled Stilton, boiled egg, Colby cheese, croutons and dressed leaves. Served with your choice of red wine dressing, bleu cheese dip or avocado & lime dip on the side

Grilled Chicken & Avocado Salad   New

Served with dressed leaves, Cajun spiced tortilla chips and a side of spicy avocado & lime dressing. Squeeze the lime to release the zing


We believe in quality and taste without compromise. Our beef is certified Scotch and has been grass fed on quality assured farms throughout Scotland. Steaks are hand-selected by our master butchers to ensure they are exceptionally tender and flavoursome

Seasoned and cooked to your liking with a dressed rocket & watercress salad and grilled tomato.

Choose from House Fries or Loaded Baked Potato

Sauce: Choose from Peppercorn sauce or Legendary Glaze

12 oz* Ribeye   Famous

A tender texture and a generous amount of marbling giving a rich beef taste and juicy finish. We recommend you enjoy our ribeye medium-rare to medium

10 oz* Sirloin  

A great flavoured classic steak with well distributed marbling which results in a buttery texture that simply melts in the mouth. We recommend you enjoy our sirloin medium-rare

8 oz* Rump  

Lean with a great combination of full flavour and firm texture. We recommend you enjoy our rump medium-rare to medium


Marinated and slow cooked before being flame-grilled to order for a true BBQ finish.

Choose your sauce: Legendary Glaze or BBQ sauce

Ultimate Ribs  

Our biggest ribs served with half a corn on the cob brushed in chilli cream. Served with your choice of house fries or a baked potato

  • Half Rack  
  • Full Rack  
Classic Ribs  

Our baby back ribs. Served with your choice of house fries or a baked potato

  • Half Rack  
  • Full Rack  


Served with Texan toothpicks and house fries.

Choose from our Legendary Glaze or Peppercorn Sauce.

Surf, Turf & Rack  

Cajun seasoned 8oz* rump steak and half a rack of baby back pork ribs topped with pickled red onions. Served with shell-on king prawns in chilli & garlic dressing

Ribeye 'N' Rack  

Cajun seasoned 12oz* ribeye steak and half a rack of baby back pork ribs topped with pickled red onions


Sizzling Fajitas  

Sizzling fajitas with soft flour tortillas, guacamole and salsa

  • Prime Rump Steak  
  • Garlic & Chilli Veg   Vegetarian Caution: Super Spicy
  • Garlic & Chilli Veg   Vegan Caution: Super Spicy


Our own recipe using a perfect blend of prime cuts of brisket and chuck steak from British & Irish farms.

All our beef is fully traceable right down to the individual farms across the UK & Ireland.

Flame-grilled to order in a toasted brioche bun with pickled red onions and beef tomato. Served with house fries . Pick any ‘day of the week’ burger because whatever the day, in here, it’s always Friday.

Monday Burger - Cheeseburger  

Lashings of American cheese and burger mayo

Tuesday Burger - Trailer Trash   New

Jalapeños, cheese sauce, candied bacon and topped with a fried egg. A real messy affair

Wednesday Burger - The Whole Hog   New

Pulled pork, BBQ sauce, Colby cheese and Texan toothpicks. What's not to love?

Thursday - The Glazed Burger  

Coated in our Legendary Glaze, topped with Monterey Jack cheese and crispy bacon

At the weekend anything goes  

Go topless or bunless

Louisiana Hot Mess   Caution: Super Spicy

Buttermilk chicken breast with chilli mayo topped with Frank's® RedHot Sauce. Served with bleu cheese slaw and house fries

Fridays® Vegan Burger   Vegan

Juicy and packed full of goodness. Made from plant based protein, beetroot and coconut oil. Served on a vegan bun topped with guacamole, with our Legendary Glaze and house fries


House Fries   Vegan Famous

Our fries perfectly crispy with our special seasoning

Rosti Potato Fries   New Vegetarian
Sweet Potato Fries   New Vegetarian
Seasonal Veg   Vegan

Lightly tossed in garlic & chilli

Loaded Baked Potato  

Layered with butter, Colby cheese, sour cream, candied maple bacon and sliced spring onion

Cheese & Bacon Loaded Fries  

House fries topped with cheese sauce and candied maple bacon

House Salad   Vegetarian

Watercress, rocket, tomato and pickled red onions with your choice of dressing. Choose from: Ranch, spicy avocado & lime, red wine vinaigrette or bleu cheese

Wedge Salad  

Crisp iceberg lettuce, drenched with a bleu cheese dressing, crumbled Stilton and candied maple bacon

Garlic Ciabatta Bread   Vegan
Garlic Ciabatta Bread with Monterey Jack cheese   Vegetarian
Cajun Spiced Onion Rings   Vegetarian

Desserts - Sundaes

Layers and layers of real dairy ice cream and whipped cream. Add a shot, make it boozy. Sundaes are better at Fridays®. *Made To Share

S'Mores   Vegetarian

Crunchy Biscoff® biscuit pieces, crumbled chocolate flake and a caramelised Biscoff® sauce with a toasted mallow topping. S'morish!

  • Add a shot: Baileys  
Eton Mess   Vegetarian

Meringue, fresh strawberries and strawberry puree

  • Add a shot: Chambord  
Peach Melba   Vegetarian

Peach, raspberry compote and shortbread pieces

  • Add a shot: Archers Peach Schnapps  
Black Forest   Vegetarian

Cherry compote and warm chunks of chocolate brownie with a cherry on top

  • Add a shot: Cassis  
Spiced Apple Waffle   Vegetarian

Warm waffle pieces, apple compote and caramel sauce

  • Add a shot: St-Rémy XO  

Desserts - Not Sundaes

Chocolate Fudge Fixation   Vegetarian

Triple-layered chocolate cake served warm with ice cream

  • Add a shot: Baileys  
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  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Ultimate Cocktails
  • Caution: Super Spicy
  • New
  • Famous at Fridays
*For single sized desserts, please ask a team member for more details

Please inform your server of any allergies or intolerances before you order. Unfortunately it is not possible to guarantee that any product is 100% free from any allergen due to the risk of cross contamination in our busy kitchens and bars.