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Our range just got better, we are excited to announce our new partnership with Meatless Farm!

Introducing NEW dishes as well as improving existing dishes, plant-based diets have never been easier.


Meatless Farm lovingly makes tasty plant-based food that’s packed with goodness and kind to the planet!

Their delicious Plant-Based Fajita Chicken Pieces are perfect for your Fri-Jitas, with a meaty taste and texture.

Arriving by popular request we’ve launched NEW Fridays® Sesame Strips tossed in Legendary Glaze made with Meatless Farm Plant-Based Chicken and available to have as both a appetizer and a main!

Meatless Sesame Strips

Meatless Fridays® Sesame Strips

The wait is over. Fridays most popular dish now available Meatless. With Meatless Farm plant based 'chicken', tossed in our Legendary Glaze made with Jack Daniel’s. Available as both a appetizer and a main.

Meatless Let’s Taco ‘bout it

Let’s Taco ‘bout it

Meatless Chicken Tacos have arrived! That’s right, we’ve launched our all new Tex Mex range. Introducing soft toasted tacos made with Meatless Farm plant based ‘chicken’. Great as an appetizer or add a side or two.

Meatless Chicken Fri-Jitas

Meatless Chicken Fri-Jitas

Our Meatless Chicken Fri-Jitas are full of flavour with a meaty taste and texture. Served with guacamole, salsa, marinara, topped with avocado & lime dressing, coriander and chilli. Yes you Mexi-can!