The Fridays Feeling Talent Show Finals Are Almost Here 🎉

Our #FridaysFeeling talent show winner will win:

ÂŁ2,000 for themselves!

ÂŁ5,000 to donate to a NHS charity or trust of their choice!!

An invitation to perform at our VIP Re-Launch Party!!!
 Who will win? - you decide

👉 The finals start 5pm on Friday! Out of the 4 finalists there can only be one winner... they will become our champion if they get the highest combined number of views, impressions, reach, likes, shares & comments.

Stay tuned on our social media channels and vote for your winner this weekend! Voting starts on Friday at 5pm and closes on Monday at 10AM. The results will be announced on our social media channels on Tuesday AM.

Meet your finalists

Louie Anson - Martial Artist

14-year-old Louie Anson has been practicing martial arts since the age of 3. His parents took him to his first lesson for exercise, confidence and discipline. Following quick progression and the learning of katas, Louie was able to grade for belts and then learn the Bo Staff. For those less familiar with the martial arts world, the Bo (staff) is a Japanese martial arts weapon traditionally made of oak and roughly 6 feet in length and is what Louie can be seen amazingly flipping, spinning and whirling around in his Fridays Feeling Talent Show videos.

A natural, Louie began to compete around the world in several different aspects of martial arts. When asked what he most enjoys about performing, Louie said, "I love the excitement and buzz that comes from the audience. I love performing for a crowd and ultimately entertaining people." From the support so far, it’s clear that Fridays fans are truly enjoying watching Louie’s talent. 

Louie has recently joined an American martial arts team and hopes to be able to perform around the world showing off his great talent in the future. An inspiration to many, Louie highlighted how he was glad that being part of the Fridays Feeling talent show was introducing the skill of martial arts to so many. He admirably expressed, "I want to show others what you can do if you work hard and dream big." Good Luck Louie! 

Steppin' Out Academy Of Dance

The talent of Steppin’ Out Dance Academy is mind boggling! The students who are aged 14-18 have blown Fridays fans away with their graceful and effortless performances at each stage of the competition.

The Headteacher of the academy explained to us how inspiration for their routines is very much drawn from the students themselves. "We discuss things that they are feeling, or ideas they may have, and how we can portray these through the medium of dance" Angela Taylor said. Speaking on what they enjoy most about performing together, Angela continued, "The students love creating inspirational pieces together and performing them as they get a real sense of community when they dance together."

All Steppin’ Out students want to have careers in the performing arts industry. The team expressed their huge excitement to be in the finals and the opportunity to be able to donate to their chosen NHS charity. Good Luck Steppin’ Out Dance Academy!

Destiny Owen - Dancer

"Woop! Let’s gooo!" The words of the very excited Fridays Feeling finalist and extremely talented dancer Destiny Owen. The 18-year-old wowed Fridays Fans with her lockdown inspired routine in the first round with her semi-finalist dance around her hometown being just as entertaining - there was even a cameo from her local Fridays!  

Dance has always been a huge part of Destiny’s life. Growing up, she watched her parents perform on stages and it was only natural that she would follow in their footsteps. "My Dad started teaching me break-dance from as soon as I could hold a freeze and from then on, I’ve been part of various dance crews." Now teaching classes, Destiny will be using her talents alongside a local band to communicate hope and as she puts it "inspire young people to live their lives and have a purpose". Good for you Destiny! 

Speaking of her involvement in the Fridays Feeling talent show, Destiny said, "I’m so so excited to be in the finals and I’m looking forward to bringing some new moves and flips to this round!I LOVE to just be me when I’m dancing -no limits and to bring good vibes to everyone watching!" Good Luck Destiny! 

Spikey Will, Man Of Danger - Stuntman

Fridays fans have undoubtedly fallen for the truly unique (and terrifying) skills that Spikey Will has bought to the talent show. Throughout the competition, the pro stuntman has dazzled fans by juggling meat cleavers whilst walking over his wife and lying on a bed of nails whilst his children excitedly watched a bowling ball fall from height on to his torso! 18 years of doing stunts for a living has led him to this so we of course don’t endorse trying this at home!

You may recognise the street performer from Covent Garden where he has been performing for a number of years. He’s even taken his fantastic act across the world to share with fans. During what is a quiet time for him, he’s taken the opportunity to entertain us – by putting his life at risk – because that’s obviously what the Great British public like to see!

Spikey told us that not a day goes by where he doesn’t appreciate how lucky he is to be able to support his family by doing the thing he loves. "It’s been great fun to put stunts together with my wife and kids, at home in our back garden, with some of the stuff we have to hand." Spikey said. He continued, "The Fridays Feeling Talent Show is an exciting and welcoming thing in what is a rather weird time and I’m excited to be able to use it to still show people what I do." Good Luck Spikey Will!



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