Doing Our Bit

Corporate social responsibility

At Fridays, we know that our business can make a positive contribution to addressing social, environmental and ethical concerns by working in a responsible and sustainable way.

We work with many industry experts to ensure any decisions we make are informed ones which make a genuine and lasting difference. As a result, we have developed a CSR strategy focusing on four key areas: sourcing responsibly, supporting customer wellbeing, respect for the environment, contributing to society.

Sustainable sourcing is fundamental to our ability to reassure customers on where our products come from and how they are made as well as future proofing our business with a secure supply chain. We have developed policies on key commodities including palm oil, soy, tea, coffee, sugar, cocoa, fish and paper as we know the way in which they are sourced can have a major social and environmental impacts. An important requirement of these policies is that suppliers must be able to demonstrate that their products have been certified as sustainably sourced by relevant well-established and internationally recognised third party certification bodies e.g. Marine Stewardship Council for fish (MSC) Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and the Forestry Stewardship Council for timber and paper (FSC). This independent verification ensures that we can confidently provide products to our customers that are authentic and fully traceable. We will continue to review these policies with our suppliers to ensure that all parts of our supply chain source with integrity
We believe that the best way to reduce waste is not to create it in the first place and we have worked hard with our suppliers to reduce waste in areas such as packaging and food production both within our supply chain and in our restaurants. Currently 100% of our food waste produced in our restaurants is recycled and since October 2014, all food waste has been sent for processing in anaerobic digesters. we have achieved 100% zero waste to landfill throughout our stores and we would encourage our suppliers to challenge their own organizations and suppliers to dispose of waste in a way that has a minimal impact on the environment. In January 2018, we started a year long project to monitor, measure and reduce the generation of food waste in our back of house operations and we will report on progress in 2019.
Our business is all about people - from our team members and suppliers to our customers and the communities in which our restaurants and supply chain serve. Our commitment to them is that they will be treated fairly and with respect and wherever possible we will make a positive impact on their lives.
Fridays currently employs 6000 people in the UK and just as our customers are individuals with their own needs and wishes, so do our colleagues who have different cultures and backgrounds. We believe that these differences provide hugely positive benefits to our business including how we better cater for the needs of our guests. We have a People Development Director on our senior executive team who has been instrumental in forming our social policies that protect our colleagues from any forms of discrimination or abuse.

Sharing the Fridays feeling

Fridays is all about creating feel good times, and this goes beyond the experiences our guests have at our restaurants. From cycling from London to Paris to raise money for our charity partners, to installing energy efficient hand dryers in our restrooms, we are committed to doing what we can for others in our community and the environment.


We use green energy in the vast majority of our restaurants. We send 0% waste to landfill, utilising Anaerobic Digestion for our food waste.