DIY Meal Kits

Enjoy Fridays at home with DIY Meal kits

Fridays® DIY Meal kits are ideal for anyone who’s ever wanted to get that Fridays feeling at home  👨‍🍳 With the Fridays DIY food kits you get everything you need to enjoy our signature dishes without stepping out of your front door.

We offer a wide range of DIY food kits based around your Fridays favourites, and these currently include the Fridays® Sesame Chicken Strips, The Glazed Burger, BBQ Ribs & Legendary Glazed Ribs. If you’ve ever wanted to try Fridays at home or simply can’t get to one of our venues, there is no need to panic. We can deliver that Fridays feeling directly to your front door!

The Fridays DIY meal kits are available in portions of 2 & 4. Expect fresh ingredients, condiments, house fries and fries seasoning. They also come with simple instructions that make it perfectly possible to enjoy and recreate that Fridays feeling right within your own four walls. If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy the unique taste of Fridays right in front of your TV, now you have the chance!

Why wait any longer? Order now if you’re ready to create that amazing Fridays experience without even leaving the house!

You do need to order your Fridays DIY meal kits a few days in advance so we can get everything ready for you. Take a look at the details below.

Delivery Cut Off Times

Order by 2pm Monday for Thursday Delivery
Order by 2pm Tuesday for Friday Delivery
Order by 2pm Wednesday for Saturday Delivery

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Psst- more good news. What’s also guaranteed to please Fridays lovers is that you can also get our full Cocktails at Home range with your order, allowing you to not only dine at home in style but enjoy our mouth-watering drinks too! 🍸

So what are you waiting for? Create the ultimate Fridays experience at home today!