Cocktails at Home

Enjoy Fridays Cocktails At Home

If you’ve ever dreamed of enjoying mouth-watering Fridays cocktails at home, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s now perfectly possible! We offer a sensational range of ready to serve cocktails to suit everyones taste. At Fridays, we are internationally renowned for the quality of our cocktails, made with premium spirits and handcrafted by our expert bartenders.

Cocktail Packs

Enjoy unbeatable value with our ready to serve cocktail packs!

2 of the same cocktail - cocktail double pack - £12
6 of the same cocktail - c
ocktail multipack - £30


We offer a delightful range of irresistible cocktails to drink at home, including some of our most iconic beverages. Take a look at some of the most in-demand Fridays cocktails you can now enjoy within the comfort of your own home below.

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Espresso Martini


Absolut Vodka with FAIR Café liqueur, shaken vigorously with cold brewed espresso.

14% ABV




Long Island Iced Tea 


Beefeater gin, Absolut Vodka, Havana 3 Year Old Rum, triple sec, pressed lemon & lime juice and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.  

10% ABV





Our Cocktail at Home range can be ordered via Click & Collect at some of our restaurants. Please check your individual restaurant location for availability.



1. Cocktails contain Alcohol and you must be 18+ to purchase. You may be asked to present ID at the door during delivery if you appear to be younger than 25.
2. Available while stocks last.
3. Delivery charges apply.