Aberdeen Union Square

Fresh from the grill

Get your mouth watering with our delicious grill video.

Starting with the freshest ingredients and the highest quality produce our chefs create fabulous dishes that everyone can enjoy.

Aberdeen Union Square You're Loving...

1 12oz* Ribeye

2 The Ultimate Jack Daniel's® Double Glazed Ribs

3 Blackened Chicken Fajita

4 BBQ Smokehouse

5 Jack Daniel’s® Sesame Chicken Strips


What are you going to love at T.G.I. Friday's Aberdeen Union Square?

Loving Image

We're Loving...

W/W Kat Varadyova: The new Tapas are awesome! My favourite is definitely the Sam Adam's Chilli Cheese Dip & Pretzels. Pretzel bread and tasty cheese dip sprinkled with chilli flakes for an extra kick. A must try!


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